Beginning My Journey at FTI Delta in Los Angeles

May 16, 2024

I am Muhan Zhang, a 21-year-old recent graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity of interning with FTI Delta’s Century City office in Los Angeles. As I prepare to join the firm full-time in September 2024, I want to take a second to reflect on my internship experience.

My internship journey expanded my practical skill set, introduced me to new friends, and deepened my understanding of the excellence and innovation that FTI Delta brings to the corporate strategy industry.

Experience as an Intern:

From the moment I stepped into the Century City office, I was welcomed with nothing but warmth and enthusiasm by a qualified and experienced team. Within the first week of my internship, I began working on various client engagements and professional development projects. I quickly grasped the significance of teamwork, adaptability, and critical thinking in navigating a fast-moving and engaging environment.

I had the privilege of challenging and expanding my skill set daily, whether it was conducting market research, analyzing financial data, or crafting strategic recommendations. What truly stood out was FTI Delta’s empowerment. Though I was just an intern, I proudly watched my hard work transform into final products and felt like my contributions were valued.

Why I Decided to Return:

As my internship neared completion, I was honored to receive an offer to return, which I accepted with no hesitation. Beyond the firm’s prestigious status, FTI Delta’s unwavering commitment to making an impact, coupled with its supportive and collaborative work culture resonated deeply with me. Moreover, the mentorship I received over the summer profoundly impacted not only my journey in consulting but also my general professional development and career outlook.

Best memory of the internship:

During my eight weeks as an intern, I had the opportunity to concentrate strongly on my research and presentation skills while having fun with my co-interns and colleagues at many team bonding activities. Several moments stand out as highlights of my journey.

One of my favorite memories was presenting my final presentation. As I shared insights and research I had spent the entire summer working on, I felt a sense of accomplishment sharing extensive knowledge about a topic I knew minimally about only a few weeks before.

Another cherished memory was bonding with my co-interns in New York. Working in teams with interns across the country was challenging, but educational and so much fun!

My internship journey at FTI Delta was transformative, shaping me into a more skilled and confident professional. From the invaluable hands-on experience to the unwavering support of my colleagues and mentors, FTI Delta set the stage for future success. I am excited to return as a TMT Consultant, take on more challenging projects, and assume greater responsibilities!

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