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Clear promotion paths. Mentoring, coaching and extensive training programs. An unparalleled variety of projects. At FTI Delta, you’ll have the opportunity to really see what you can achieve.
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Clear Promotion Paths

We are invested in hiring the best and ensuring that they succeed. Our Consultant career paths are designed to provide clear guidelines for career progression, and to reward excellent performance. Whether you are a new graduate joining an entry-level role or an experienced industry professional ready to take on the challenge of senior management, you will find opportunities to excel and support to help you reach your career goals.

Progress and Possibility

Join a team that believes in your talent.

Training and support for every stage of your career.

From your first day at FTI Delta we will equip you with the core skills to help you realize your potential. You will learn by collaborating with leaders in your industry every day. And you will also benefit from classroom, virtual and e-learning courses modeled for your individual needs and covering a wide variety of subjects, including management consulting skills, functional areas, industry insight, investments and venture capital, and more. These courses provide hands-on, practical tools and methods that can be applied on the job immediately.

New Entrants Training

The New Entrants Training (NET) is a key onboarding milestone that enables all new joiners to develop the skills and know-how to work effectively on client engagements. Beyond the training itself, the NET is designed to help new joiners build their network by connecting with fellow recent joiners and with other consultants and team members at different levels of seniority.

Level Offsites

Our offsite training programs enable employees to develop the skills that can accelerate their careers. Through a mix of speakers and immersive workshops, these sessions cover a broad range of technical and interpersonal skills, industry knowledge and insights, and help build the positive team culture that is so critical to how we work together. Offsite programs are specific to each level.

TMT Accelerator

The TMT Accelerator is targeted at our high-potential senior team. This week-long course, led by senior executives, focuses on the business side of the telecom, media and technology sectors.

Digital Courses

Our e-learning mobile platform empowers employees to take charge of their personal development at their convenience, no matter the time or location.

Leadership Training Program

These high-impact, customized programs are seamless, well-integrated learning journeys for executives and are anchored in the reality of their organizational context and roles.
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Join a team that
believes in your talent.