Commercial Excellence


We help companies create a comprehensive pathway to commercial excellence.

We specialize in enhancing commercial success by identifying unique selling points, optimizing pricing, and boosting revenue through streamlined sales and marketing. Our services cover customer/fan monetization, improved sales and marketing, and data-driven decisions. We also aid in crafting exceptional customer experiences, providing a toolkit for thriving in today's market.

How We Help Our Clients

Value Proposition

We help our clients identify and articulate their unique selling points (USPs), understand their customers’ needs and develop compelling offerings to differentiate themselves in the market and create lasting customer loyalty.

Pricing Strategy

We conduct market analysis and benchmarking and develop analytically driven pricing models to maximize profitability, maintain competitiveness and achieve strategic objectives.

Revenue Acceleration

We optimize our clients’ sales and marketing processes, identify growth opportunities and implement strategies to accelerate revenue generation, driving overall business expansion and profitability.

Customer/Fan Monetization

We assist businesses and entertainment and sports entities in devising strategies to effectively engage and monetize their customer base or fan community through innovative approaches, enhancing customer loyalty and driving sustainable revenue growth.

Sales and Customer Success Effectiveness

We work with Chief Revenue/Sales Officers and their sales teams, improving sales processes, optimizing sales team performance and implementing sales strategies that lead to increased revenue, customer retention and enhanced customer relationships.

Marketing Effectiveness

We work with Chief Marketing Officers and their teams, improving demand generation, optimizing the funnel, driving maximum returns on campaigns and implementing marketing strategies that lead to increased lead generation, top-of-the-funnel activities and funnel conversions.

Analytics-Based Decision-Making Support

We leverage our Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) to assist businesses and C-level executives in making day-to-day management decisions, including customer-centric strategies to enhance customer value, improve operations, make CapEx /investment decisions, optimize ROIC and more.

Customer Experience

We help organizations design great customer journeys and experiences (CX) and arm them with the right capabilities and operating model to deliver them.

Our Approach to Value Creation

About FTI Delta
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    We bring together industry-specialized strategy consultants and executives with on-the-ground experience to provide a 360-degree perspective that sets us apart.
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    We take a pragmatic and action-oriented approach to problem-solving, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to create meaningful change.
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    End-to-End Transformation

    As an FTI Consulting practice, we are uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end business transformation and transaction services, from strategy through execution.
About FTI Delta
One Firm.
End-to-End Capabilities.
FTI Delta is the Strategy Consulting arm of FTI Consulting, the market-leading global consulting firm clients call upon when they are facing their greatest opportunities and challenges. Collectively, FTI Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across the business cycle – from proactive risk management to the ability to respond rapidly to unexpected crises and dynamic environments.