Defining My Reality: A Day in the Life as a Senior Consultant

December 15, 2023

Variety is the spice of life. Routine is the compilation of structured habits. Do we have to pick one or the other when it comes to our work life? Over the past 2 years with FTI Delta, I have come to embrace both mentalities, leveraging them both in different ways to strike a unique balance in both my professional work and my personal life.

I am Nolan Cox, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, brushing up against the Rocky Mountains for most of my life. My entry into the professional workforce was accommodated by the height of the global pandemic in June of 2020, forcing many of us into a condensed routine with little variety as we worked from home. After a year in the workforce, I joined FTI Delta.

Come with me as I walk you through one of my workdays where I attempt to balance routine with variety and change.

Client site:

Morning | I like to start my day off by doing something active, whether that is cycling at the hotel gym, weight lifting, or going for a run near the hotel (weather and location allowing). Movement/daily activity is one of the core pillars of my routine regardless of where I am working that day. After getting ready, I’ll head over to the client's office, set up for the day, and check in with the team. The remainder of the morning is usually spent in client meetings, or continuing to push forward on the tasks and work at hand. The next logical question is; what’s for lunch?

Afternoon | Following the break for lunch with the client or the working team, I take a quick note of the status of critical items and other meetings happening in the afternoon. If the late afternoon is lighter with client meetings, the team will typically get together to close out the day and game plan for the following day. We will continue to address any critical items for the client before they commute home and collectively sync before we break for the evening.

Evening | Once the last pieces of work are wrapped up for the day, the team will head to dinner or back to the hotel to decompress. Team dinners are one of my favorite ways to build rapport with teammates and get to know everyone outside of the frenetic workday. Following the meal and some good laughs everyone will head back to the hotel, ending the day.

Denver office:

Morning | Even with the added time of commuting I follow my routine and push to do something active each morning. After taking the train and arriving at the office, I’ll spend time getting up to speed on emails and urgent items. If I find a few minutes to break, I’ll catch up with other coworkers while getting coffee in the break room and then head back to my desk to get into the rhythm of the work day.

Afternoon | Most days, colleagues will start rounding up a group to get lunch around noon and then head out to one of many nearby spots in downtown Denver. We’ll come back and chat about the different projects we have been working on and any events for the coming weekend. As everyone hops into and out of meetings, I’ll stop by manager’s offices to collaborate and work together on client materials.

Evening | Towards the end of the day we may break out the ping pong table and do an impromptu office happy hour or get a collective group to head out and make it more formal; allowing everyone to build a greater culture and community within the firm.

Work from home:

Morning | You know where I'm going with this now right? Same active morning routine as always. Once back home I'll log into work quickly to check for any urgent items or requests and then make breakfast, never forgetting the coffee. Quick touch points are common given the remote nature of work, but what working from home may lack in energy is made up of memes and GIFs shared through teams.

Afternoon | As the day slows and client requests, I’ll maximize my time at home by getting quick chores like laundry and cleaning out of the way. These things that all of us came to know well during the pandemic, and a workplace like FTI Delta still enables them on the days not in the office or on client sites.

Evening | After I wrap up my work, I’ll break to make dinner and then relax by reading, watching a show or catching up with friends. I’ve come to appreciate the calmer days at home given the higher energy of client sites and the Denver office.

No matter where my working environment is on a given day, I strive to hold to my core habits and routines that allow me to work most efficiently. I certainly feel at home within FTI Delta and embrace the variety it brings into my professional career and personal life.

Nolan Cox

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