Embracing Work-from-Anywhere: My Remote Adventure Through Bali and Sri Lanka

December 14, 2023

When FTI Delta granted a six-week work-from-home flexibility, I saw an opportunity to redefine my workspace across borders. Bali's allure as a digital nomad hub became my first stop. Establishing a conducive work environment was crucial – securing reliable connectivity and a quiet workspace ensured seamless collaboration with my team despite the geographical distance. Leveraging Bali’s 4-hour time difference with respect to my project’s location, I was able to explore its underwater wonders in the morning before starting the workday.

The importance of a well-curated remote office space cannot be overstated. With a stable internet connection and a tranquil setting, I seamlessly merged professional commitments with the novelty of exploring a new country. Weekends in Sri Lanka meant venturing into its wildlife reserves and experiencing a safari that not only refreshed my senses but also added depth to my understanding of the country's cultural fabric.

Maintaining a productive work routine was key. Early mornings were dedicated to project alignment and team coordination, leveraging the time zone advantage to stay connected. This setup not only facilitated efficient work hours but also allowed for enriching weekend explorations. Embracing the freedom of remote work, I immersed myself in Sri Lanka's wilderness, where the weekends turned into an opportunity to delve into its diverse landscapes.

My journey across Bali and Sri Lanka underscored the importance of a well-crafted remote workspace, allowing for seamless collaboration with the team and the flexibility to explore new horizons. This experience was a testament to the symbiotic relationship between work and travel, demonstrating that with the right balance, remote work can be a gateway to both professional growth and cultural exploration. 🌍✈️

Rodolfo Medina
Dubai office

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