FTI Delta CSR Year in Review 2022

December 31, 2022

As we reflect on 2022, we at FTI Delta (Former Delta Partners) wanted to recap our efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility this last year.

FTI Delta offers several resource groups (e.g., Women in Delta, Delta Wings) for employees to explore their interests and contribute to a stronger company culture. Today, the spotlight turns to Delta Cares (our very own CSR group).

About Delta Cares

In summary, Delta Cares aims to be the platform for our people to get together and contribute to the betterment of our planet. We do so by tackling important global problems that are closest to our employees.

Delta Cares operates as a lean sub-organism of FTI Delta, built and sustained voluntarily by our employees. We follow a very global structure – having the main team sitting in Dubai and leveraging local office teams to push forward their own initiatives by understanding better the local teams’ interests and opportunities. Delta Cares truly provides a sense of community between its members and allies, as well as gives the chance to fulfill your entrepreneurship instinct when in charge of your office’s activities and partnerships!

Activities by Region

We wanted to publicly congratulate our employees’ outstanding commitment to CSR this year by showcasing some great initiatives that happened all across the globe.

United Arab Emirates

Wadi cleans up: At the beginning of the year, our colleagues in the Dubai office went on a hike across the Wadis in the region (mountain areas in the desert), alongside a tour guide they learned about the environment of this unique area and picked up litter on their way back to help maintain the ecosystem. As a last activity, they received a survival lesson on how to take advantage of nature in case of emergency (e.g., finding shelter, water, and food, or how to avoid the heat).

Dubai Expo sustainability tour: As the Dubai Expo came to an end in March 2021, our colleagues got to enjoy a private tour around the sustainability pavilions to discover innovations and initiatives that different countries are putting in place to advance their sustainability agenda as well as enjoy a fun day in this unique environment full of fun and interactive activities.

Kayaking and Mangrove Clean-up: Later this year, the team in the Dubai office embarked on a day trip to the Mangrove reserve in Abu Dhabi for an intense kayaking session while learning about the mangroves and their ecosystem, finishing off with a clean-up of the shores of this magical place.

Clothing drive: Last but not least, as the year came to an end, the Dubai office ran a very successful clothing donation campaign in the office, where used clothes were donated in support of a children’s refuge for Nepalese children in India.

South Africa

Fundraising game night in support of Johannesburg Children’s Home:

Our colleagues in Johannesburg organized a games night for our Delta employees and partners to raise money for the Johannesburg Children’s Home. The event was a huge success, allowing to socialize outside of the office and play all-time-favorite games like 30 seconds, poker, and darts.

With each game, there was an entry fee to be paid, and all proceeds went towards buying stationery for the Children’s Home – a well-known organization in South Africa that helps children in need by providing housing and education.


Kopi, Teh, or Moi

In collaboration with The Volunteer Switchboard, our colleagues in the Singapore office organized a morning activity to have coffee and breakfast with the elderly residents in a low-income neighborhood in Singapore.

The purpose of this event was to have one-to-one engagements with seniors in the community who lead very different lives from our team and provide a medium for these elderly (usually isolated), to come out and interact with various groups of people.

Our colleagues spent the morning talking about everything under the sun with them, from back-in-the-day conversations to topics about family, living alone, children and more.

Not only did they walk away with meaningful perspectives on a different socio-economic group, but they made friends as well!

United States

Augustus St. Gaudens New York playground painting:

New York City is home to 1,700+ parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities. These public areas are oftentimes not in optimal condition due to a lack of resources. Our colleagues in the New York office decided to take action, providing support to various communities throughout the city and organized an event to help preserve one of these public areas, the Augustus St. Gaudens playground.

The Augustus St. Gaudens playground is used every day by local kindergartens/ middle schools during recess and after school, as well as by all other children in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of the children’s favorite games such as “potsy” or “hopscotch” had started wearing out and were no longer usable.

Our colleagues got to work over the weekend, repainting the playground ground games at Augustus St. Gaudens playground. Everyone channeled their inner Picasso to make the games more vibrant and welcoming!

For the team, it was an amazing experience to be able to help their local community and more specifically the children of NYC.

Thanksgiving food drive:

Moreover, in November, the team in New York joined forces with City Harvest, New York’s largest food rescue organization, to combat food security in New York City.

All FTI Delta/FTI Consulting professionals in the office were invited to donate non-perishable food items in a collection bin in the office. Examples of items donated include canned fruit, peanut butter, canned soups, etc.

The food drive was a great success. It was fantastic to see Delta/FTI colleagues work together to donate needed items as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving! All collected food items were handed off to the nearby fire station which distributes to City Harvest. In total we donated 178 food items total, amounting to 102lbs.


Clothing drive with Caritas

Our colleagues in Barcelona teamed up with Fundación Formació i Treball to organize the first-ever clothing drive in the office. The team set up a drop box in the office and encouraged everyone to dig into their closets and donate any piece of clothing in good condition that they were no longer using.

The partner charity took all donated clothing to its sorting center located on the outskirts of Barcelona for analysis and sorting:

- Clothing in good condition was delivered to families in need,

- Formalwear got channeled to the foundation’s job reinsertion initiative,

- Clothing that is not in usable condition went through a recycling process so no item goes to waste

Christmas presents donation with Red Cross

For this year’s Christmas activity, the team partnered with the Red Cross, which was undertaking a campaign to guarantee that any child in need will receive presents on Christmas Eve.

The campaign looks for the children’s joy (mainly aged six to twelve), and also educational purposes: hence the team provided toys (footballs, basketballs, board games) and school material kits (backpacks, colored pencil kits, etc.) for the children.

From Delta Cares we wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone who has taken part in organizing and/or participating in these incredible events. We are very proud of our colleagues for finding opportunities to get together and contribute to the causes that are important for them.

We can’t wait to keep growing our little impact in the next year!!

CSR team

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