Mentorship and Development Culture for Growth: My First Year at FTI Delta

March 8, 2024

I am Abby Kleespie, a consultant based in FTI Delta's Denver office and I’m originally from Wichita, KS. I attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE, where I pursued a double major in FinTech and Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA). During my internship with FTI Delta's Denver office during the summer following my junior year of undergrad (2021), I experienced a variety of roles and responsibilities. I witnessed how client requests and tasks differed by the day, and I grew to appreciate the consulting position’s assurance of a fast-paced learning environment. This inspired me to build my career here, joining full-time in September 2022.

FTI Delta's initial appeal lies in its commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities. The organization demonstrates its dedication to employees by fostering a culture that prioritizes development and growth. Through both official and unofficial mentorship, I've found a network of support that has been instrumental in guiding my success and transition into the consultant role.

In my first year as a consultant, I wanted to make the most of FTI Delta's commitment to providing its employees with a diverse, transferable skill set. Engaging in various project types, such as operational due diligence, cost optimization, and lender-side restructuring, has allowed me to test and refine my skills across multiple domains, and build my confidence in diverse areas.

To develop a well-rounded life of not only professional skill set improvement but also personal wellbeing, I have discovered that establishing a daily routine significantly contributes to my success in maintaining work-life harmony and mental preparedness for the day's challenges. A typical day in my life as a first-year consultant begins with a morning workout such as yoga, Pilates, morning hikes, or running. This enhances my mental clarity and provides an energy boost to focus on the day ahead. Upon logging in, I review all emails and begin a priority list, outlining tasks to be accomplished throughout the day. I prefer categorizing this list into three segments: urgent and important tasks; important tasks with long-term deadlines; and non-urgent tasks. This systematic approach aids me in prioritizing immediate tasks and outlines the areas where I should concentrate my efforts for the day. I find that no two days are the same – as every project or client request is unique – providing endless opportunities to learn and grow through the daily variety.

As the day concludes, having completed my outlined tasks along with any additional assignments received, I typically spend time socializing with friends or unwinding by preparing dinner with a favorite TV show. When in the office, the day will often conclude with a happy hour or other team bonding activity, reflecting a culture of camaraderie among the staff in the Denver office.

FTI Delta's culture promotion is also upheld in its annual training sessions which continue its commitment to developing professional skills. These sessions not only enhance my consulting toolkit, but they provide additional opportunities to connect with colleagues. FTI Delta's culture promotes external collaboration over internal competition, fostering a network of trust among junior staff members. Drawing from my initial experiences, I now strive to support new hires by offering guidance when sought.

FTI Delta stands out by providing employees with a platform to define themselves and build their careers and professional brands. Every day I gather wisdom and information from my coworkers, mentors, and projects. These mentors continually aid me in my career growth by coaching and passing on their experience-gained knowledge. I appreciate what I have been shown and taught in my first year, and I look forward to the future of my career with FTI Delta.

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