My Inspiring Journey at FTI Delta in Riyadh

December 4, 2023

I am Abdulaziz, a Business Analyst Intern at the Riyadh office, and I joined in early 2023 following the completion of a double major in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Data Science and Analytics at the University of KFUPM, Saudi Arabia.

Before joining FTI Delta, my journey was marked by significant skill acquisition acquired through my participation in various student club activities and internships.

My First Year at FTI Delta

Reflecting upon my first year at FTI Delta in Riyadh, it has been nothing short of transformative. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of projects spanning multiple industries. This has allowed me to forge hands-on expertise across a broad spectrum of subjects, from operating model optimization and corporate strategy to decision-making assessment studies and investment evaluation. The journey has been a daily commitment to learning and an unceasing stream of challenging moments, be it with clients or colleagues. These experiences have played a vital role in shaping my professional character and honing my expertise. In truth, it was this prospect of growth that led me to FTI Delta—the unswerving support and mentorship provided by Senior Managing Directors (SMDs) and project managers have proven indispensable. The inclusive environment here is evident during internal brainstorming sessions, where my inputs, regardless of my level or experience, are taken into account.

FTI Delta Uniqueness

For me, the most captivating facet of FTI Delta is its unique culture. In an industry where most firms resemble one another, FTI Delta stands out. It isn't just about work; it's a dynamic community. With a workforce that numbers no more than 400 professionals, we've achieved the perfect equilibrium of effective management and meaningful employee interaction. It's an environment where you're more than just a statistic; you're a valued contributor to a global firm. Your efforts, no matter how small, are not just acknowledged but celebrated. The transparency within the company ensures that your contributions are visible to all. In essence, it's a culture where the employee takes the lead.

In a typical consulting industry known for its extensive international travel, international travel isn't just a necessity; it's an opportunity. Over the past year, I've had the privilege to traverse the globe, from the Middle East to Europe and Asia. This exposure has not only broadened my professional horizons but has also enriched my life personally.

As I gaze towards the horizon, I am filled with optimism and energy. My journey at FTI Delta is far from over; it's a path of continual growth and boundless opportunities. The past year has been a testament to the incredible potential that resides here, and I'm excited to embrace the future with open arms.

About the Riyadh Office

The FTI Delta office is located in Riyadh's newest hot spot, Laysen Valley, which combines the ancient valley atmosphere (spirit of old Najd) with an iconic urban architectural style, and this emerging style is known as "Salmani Architecture".

Although Laysen Valley is a relatively new avenue in Riyadh, however, it is known to be very advanced and fancy as it contains within its facilities one of the first deployed smart buildings in Riyadh, and the latest fine international cuisines such as Bagatelle, Sumosan, Santini, and many more will be opened later by the most proficient chefs!

Abdulaziz Altheyabi

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