Taking the Leap: My FTI Delta-Sponsored MBA Journey

June 27, 2024

My name is Nadim Chammas, I am a Senior Engagement Manager at FTI Delta, based in the NYC office. I joined the company after completing my undergraduate studies and have had the good fortune to widen my horizons by working in three different offices: Dubai, Barcelona, and now New York.

Between 2019 and 2021, I took a hiatus from work to pursue a childhood dream and receive an Ivy League education. Now, as I reach the third anniversary of my graduation from Yale University's MBA program, I want to take a moment to reflect on that experience.

MBA application process & FTI Delta support:

As I reached the latter half of my 20s in 2018, I felt it was time to take a leap and start working on my MBA applications. It was a long road ahead, but I knew furthering my education would open new horizons and provide opportunities beyond my current scope.

The first step was creating a list of schools I was interested in. I carefully researched each institution, checking out their requirements and unique offerings. With my list in hand, I began gathering the necessary documents. One crucial component of the application process was securing recommendation letters. Here, FTI Delta played a pivotal role. I worked closely with our HR department and reached out to my mentors, who were eager to help. Their support and encouragement were invaluable, and their recommendation letters highlighted my professional growth and potential.

I dedicated my evenings and sometimes on weekends to crafting essays that told my story, highlighting my journey, aspirations, and why I was drawn to each MBA program. Each essay reflected my personal and professional experiences, as well as my future goals. Simultaneously I scheduled my GMAT exam and requested a month's sabbatical from work to focus on studying and taking the test. Months after submitting applications, I received multiple acceptance letters and ultimately chose Yale University, a school that has been my favorite since reading The Great Gatsby!

MBA experience:

Before setting foot on campus, I secured FTI Delta's generous sponsorship. Through their support, not only were all my MBA tuition fees covered, but they also assisted with books and other expenses, alleviating financial concerns, and allowing me to fully immerse myself in my studies and networking events.

Saying heartfelt "Au Revoir" to my friends and colleagues in Dubai was the only downside. I packed up and moved to the United States. The transition was both exciting and bittersweet, as I left behind familiar surroundings to embrace new challenges and opportunities at Yale.

During my time at Yale, I acquired a diverse set of skills that have proven invaluable in my career. For example: 1) Through leadership courses and team projects, I learned how to inspire and guide teams toward common goals. 2) Courses and practical simulations taught me effective negotiation strategies, which I apply in my professional dealings. 3) Rigorous coursework in finance and analytics honed my ability to analyze data and make informed decisions.

Yale provided a rich environment for networking and forming connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. I made lifelong friends who have become trusted allies and supporters in both my personal and professional life. These relationships transcend borders and industries, enriching my perspective and fostering continuous growth.

Moving to the United States for my MBA allowed me to immerse myself in American culture and broaden my understanding of global business dynamics. From exploring vibrant cities to participating in cultural events, the experience enriched my worldview and deepened my appreciation for cultural diversity.

Lastly, my time at Yale led to a significant personal milestone: I fell in love with a fellow Yalie, who is now my spouse. Our relationship blossomed amidst the academic rigor and shared experiences of our Yale journey.

For these reasons and more, I will forever cherish the memories of my time at Yale, made possible by FTI Delta.

Return to FTI Delta:

Lovestruck with both my then-partner (now wife) and the American way of life, I asked FTI Delta if they would consider transferring me to their US office upon completing my studies. They accepted my proposal, demonstrating their support for my personal and professional aspirations.

The transition to the bustling NYC office was met with warmth and enthusiasm. The vibrant energy and unique consulting experiences infused with American culture have made my journey with FTI Delta in New York City incredibly fulfilling. I've embraced the challenges and opportunities that come with consulting in such a dynamic environment, continually expanding my skills and knowledge.

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