Unlimited learning and unexpected experiences in my first months at Delta Partners

May 16, 2023

I cannot believe nine months have passed since I started working at FTI Delta. Despite joining the firm last September, my journey started a few years before – even if I did not know it back then. I remember perfectly the first time I heard about this great company: it was in 2019 when I was able to attend a dinner with Victor Font (Co-founder of FTI Delta). I was not familiar with TMT Industry but there was something about the firm, the projects and the people that caught my attention that night. Less than one year later, I started my MBA at IESE Business School and my path to achieving a career in Consulting. I did not hesitate and applied to FTI Delta, and, after the interview process, I joined the firm. Since then, every day has been filled with unlimited learning and unexpected experiences.

Unexpectedly global – both people and projects. I have been surrounded by great and talented people from all around the globe in my MBA. However, I could have never imagined I would continue to learn from such an international environment. Working with brilliant people from countries like, for example, Colombia, Singapore, the US, or Italy multiplies your knowledge. In addition, having the amazing opportunity to work on projects for Europe, the Middle East, and even Africa has given me the chance to learn from new markets and cultures.

Photo of Carlota Vallet with two men one a downtown downtown sidewalk.

Unexpectedly supportive. I must confess I did not expect to find myself meeting managers and colleagues with such a wide range of experience and knowledge and having all of them willing to help and guide me that much through the unknown. I have felt supported and understood, more than I could have ever imagined, especially from managers such as Jessie Pham or colleagues such as Rafa and Pol. All of them have selflessly (or maybe in exchange for a Ribera wine glass) taken the time out of their busy days to show me the way around what is known as the Consulting toolkit. I am not going to say it has been an easy path, there have been some long nights, but I can say it has been worth it. What I have learned, the discussions over which is the best pizza in town or the reggaeton songs received after 9 pm have made this experience not only rewarding but…

Photo of a group of people enjoying a night out

Unexpectedly fun. Being part of a global training held in Dubai for a week, Delta Wings events or the recruitment events I was able to attend, make the adventure more diverse and amusing. After my first week at FTI Delta, I was able to travel to UAE for a training where I met colleagues from all around the globe while cracking cases, doing mock presentations, or playing golf. However, not all the fun is in the Middle East. At the Barcelona office, we attended a Barça football match and tried Korean BBQ with the well-known gourmet at FTI Delta (Si Min). Lastly, I have been given the chance to be part of recruiting events which is something that I truly enjoy… from teaching a masterclass at ESADE to attending dinners with women to show them that, despite what some may think, this is not only a men’s world.

I am writing this on my way to London… I cannot wait to see what my future at FTI Delta holds! Thank you for this amazing start to the journey!

Carlota Vallet – Consultant

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