Work from Anywhere’ Policy: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

May 28, 2024

FTI Delta’s 6-week ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy has been an incredible value-add to my life, helping me achieve a balance between my career and personal life.

Having grown up in Italy and completed my education in Spain, most of my friends and family are very far away. Given my busy schedule and the time difference with Europe, it’s a challenge to keep in touch with family and friends especially when traveling to client sites or working on demanding projects. As I am very close to my family, moving to the U.S. to pursue this career was a difficult decision. This policy has allowed me to curb my homesickness without missing out on important opportunities to grow professionally.

Last summer, I traveled back to Bologna, Italy, where I’m originally from, and was able to wrap up the last couple of weeks of my project while collaborating with my team in the U.S. I am incredibly grateful for the flexibility granted by my teammates and superiors. Establishing a trusting working relationship with my manager, where I could manage my tasks independently despite the time difference, was essential to making this possible. Spending a prolonged time back home, as opposed to a rushed week once or twice a year, allows me to truly enjoy quality time with my family and reconnect with my close friends.

Some highlights from last summer included hiking in the Dolomites with my best friends, working from the beach and sharing meals with my family, spending a long weekend in Sardinia, hiking along the coast in Liguria, road-tripping through Tuscany, and visiting various towns along the way.

This policy has truly enriched my life and enhanced my overall productivity and happiness at work!

Sophia Drakulich - Senior Business Analyst, NY Office

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