FTI Delta joins the Code.org movement to support its expansion in EMEA

September 15, 2022

Generación Code and FTI Delta sign agreement to develop Code.org’s computer science curriculum across EMEA

Generación Code, Code.Org’s EMEA representative, and FTI Delta, FTI Consulting's strategy consulting practice, have signed an agreement that will see them work together to increase access to computer science education in schools. With a focus on the Middle East and Africa, multidisciplinary teams from both companies will work in partnership with Code.org, an education nonprofit, to expand its programme of activities designed to give every child an opportunity to learn how to code.

Commenting on the value of the partnership, Fran Garcia del Pozo, Director of Code.org in EMEA, said: “FTI Delta is undoubtedly the best partner for the development of the operation in Middle East and North of Africa, given its extensive experience over more than 20 years. With FTI Delta we will continue to bring together institutions, governments, companies and entrepreneurs to help raise awareness in society about the importance of learning how to code and to train thousands of teachers and millions of students in this discipline that generates infinite opportunities.”

 “The long-term collaboration with Code.org is a project of special relevance for our firm,” added Alberto Pamias, Senior Managing Director at FTI Delta. “Striving to give every child around the world an opportunity to learn coding and computer science is a very ambitious goal, but the impact it will have in today’s disadvantaged regions and communities will be colossal in terms of its ability to develop critical skills at an early age and provide access to the increasingly highly skilled world of work. At our company, we are fully committed to this effort.”

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