FTI Delta CSR Year in Review 2023

December 20, 2023

As we gear up for the holidays and reflect on our journey in 2023 at FTI Delta, we want to recap our efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility this year.

About FTI Delta CSR

At FTI Delta, there are endless opportunities for our colleagues to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions and interests beyond work. The CSR group aims to be the platform for our people to get together and contribute to the betterment of our planet and society. We do so by tackling important global issues closest to our employees.

Ways we get involved

Pro-bono projects: FTI Delta and FTI Consulting showed their commitment to social causes by granting employees the opportunity to contribute their expertise in the form of pro-bono hours.

This year, the team in the US supported a non-profit organization that provides students with technology-based hands-on STEAM experiences (i.e., science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) in Charlotte, North Carolina (read more here) while the team in the UAE continued their support to Code.org to achieve their mission empowering every child in every corner of the world with computer science skills, with a significant effort in UAE and the broader EMEA (read more here)

Global initiatives: a collective effort towards sustainability

This year marks a significant milestone for FTI Delta as, for the first time, we collaborated across our offices, spanning from New York to Singapore to remind everyone of the importance of taking care of our planet through a global 30 days of Earth initiative.

Throughout April, our colleagues around the world organized several events aimed at promoting sustainable practices. These included initiatives such as clothing drives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and hands-on activities to educate participants about local agricultural practices.

Leveraging social media, the team increased awareness about factors endangering the environment and provided practical strategies to effectively combat these threats.

The initiative culminated in a global Climate Change Challenge — a live, virtual, and action-packed digital team game. During this challenge, our colleagues embarked on a mission to combat climate change through team collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The winning team from the Climate Change Challenge received a gift voucher from a leading sustainable fashion brand whose proceeds are partly destined towards humanitarian aid.

Yashika Desai, a consultant in our analytics practice based in New York and one of the winners, showcasing her new sustainable fashion gear.

Employee-led activities across local offices

On top of 30 days of Earth, we also wanted to publicly congratulate our employee’s outstanding commitment to CSR this year by showcasing some great initiatives that happened all across the globe.

United Arab Emirates

Earth Day – soil workshop

In anticipation of Earth Day, the team collaborated with The Emirates Soil Museum for a unique workshop. The session began with an informative lecture on soil biodiversity, wherein participants learned about the unique environmental conditions in the UAE and the diverse organisms that inhabit it.

Participants then engaged in hands-on activities, creating personalized keychains with layers of UAE soil and planting Ghaf tree seedlings. Each member took home their soil-filled keychain, while the seedlings were set to be nurtured for future planting.

Ramadan volunteering

For Ramadan this year, our colleagues from the Dubai office came together to pack and distribute more than 1,000 Iftar meals and several other necessities such as dry food and hygiene items to the Farnek Ladies Camp, in support of the workers who endure long shifts while fasting.

Fitness challenge

In November, the city of Dubai rolls out many initiatives to improve the health and well-being of its residents through fitness. At the Dubai office, our colleagues took the opportunity to engage in a healthy steps competition!

Collectively, we achieved over 15 million steps across all segments. Although there was a prize for the most steps, we are pleased that close to 100 employees were consciously engaged in the challenge, seeing the benefits of keeping active even when undergoing fast-paced working environments.

Christmas volunteering

In December, the Dubai team got into the spirit of giving by supporting Thrift For Good, a store dedicated to rehoming second-hand items, thereby reducing waste and helping global communities. They spent several meaningful hours sorting, ironing, and pricing items that would later become part of the Christmas sale. The effort was not only a lesson in sustainability but also ensured that proceeds from these sales were donated to Kisoro Children’s Foundation in Uganda – an NGO supporting the construction of schools, backing educational programs, funding scholarships, and providing other essential resources for children and families in the region.

South Africa

Slipper Day

In May 2023, the Johannesburg office swapped stilettos and loafers for slippers and crocs and in exchange bought stickers to help raise funds for the ‘Reach for a Dream Foundation’ – an organization that supports children fighting life-threatening illnesses in South Africa.

Mandela day

Annually, in South Africa, Nelson Mandela Day is observed to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela through community service. This year the Johannesburg office ran two initiatives: a blanket drive for One Small Act of Kindness and a lamp drive for Realogile School in Alexandra, Johannesburg. The Johannesburg team donated and delivered 60 blankets and solar lamps to assist communities during the cold winter and support students facing load shedding while preparing for exams.

Christmas Boxes

In December, the Johannesburg Office packed and delivered 25 Christmas gift boxes containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a coloring book, bubbles, snacks and other essentials to One Small Act of Kindness. This initiative aimed to bring joy and essential items to children in need during the holiday season.


Clothing drive

As part of Earth Day in April, the Singapore team organized a clothing drive in the office. The team collected 3 boxes of clothes and donated them to the Salvation Army, benefiting underprivileged communities in Singapore. This initiative helped reduce our carbon footprint while giving back to those in need.

Beach clean-up

In August, our team engaged with other FTI Consulting colleagues for a purposeful beach clean-up at East Coast Park, aimed at tackling environmental sustainability and the pervasive issue of marine waste impacting aquatic ecosystems. By rallying our teams to the shores of the east coast, we successfully cleared away several kilograms of plastic and debris. This initiative delivered dual benefits: a positive ecological impact by reducing waste, and a widespread enhancement of awareness and perspective concerning the marine waste issue in Singapore.

Foodbank volunteering

In December, the team volunteered at The Food Bank Singapore, an organization dedicated to sourcing and rescuing food for distribution within the local community. Our team supported in unpacking and stocking donations at the local warehouse. Beyond providing a bonding opportunity for the team, this initiative served as a powerful means to raise awareness about food security in Singapore, highlighting the importance of collective efforts in addressing this vital issue.

United States

For the second year in a row, the New York team participated in a park clean-up and painting event. 18 volunteers joined to re-paint fences in Ralph Bunche Park in Manhattan. Our volunteers helped revitalize the shared community environment and improve their New York neighborhood. They had a wonderful time helping out and are looking forward to coming back next year! 

The team also installed a new basket dedicated to composting in the pantry area of the New York office. By institutionalizing the separation of compostable garbage, they were able to transform waste streams into beneficial, value-added soil amendments and protect the environment.


Food collection for Banc d’Aliments

In November, the Barcelona office organized a food collection drive as part of the local food bank initiative. The team gathered ~70 kg of essential items such as rice, oil, milk, and some sweets. After collecting them, they delivered the goods to one of the centers responsible for distributing food. The facility was managed by a group of kind nuns who dedicate their time and effort to sort and distribute the collected food to those in need.

Bingo at a Nursery Home

Our colleagues in Barcelona recently visited a nursing home to organize a Bingo event for the elderly residents. The activity was very engaging and moving, while one team member called out numbers, the rest assisted the residents to ensure they got the numbers right. It was a heartwarming experience, allowing the residents to share a joyful moment with new faces.

Christmas gifts with Red Cross

In December, the Barcelona team collaborated with the Red Cross, conducting a campaign to ensure that every child in need would have presents to unwrap on Christmas Eve. The campaign aimed to bring joy to children, primarily those aged six to twelve. As part of this endeavor, the team provided a thoughtful array of gifts, including footballs, basketballs, and board games, alongside school material kits like backpacks and colored pencil kits. The team aspires that this initiative not only brought smiles to the faces of the children but also contributed to their educational journey.

From FTI Delta, we wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone who has taken part in organizing and/or participating in these incredible activities. We are very proud of our colleagues for finding opportunities to get together and contribute to the causes that are important to them.

It is phenomenal to see how our actions keep getting bigger every year and more rooted in the culture that makes us unique (read all about 2022 and 2021). We can’t wait to keep growing our small impact in the next year!!

Wishing everybody a wonderful start to the new year,

CSR team

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