Future Frontiers in Government HR

Future Frontiers in Government HR

June 11, 2024


Antoine Nasr, Senior Managing Director
Karim Bassil, Senior Managing Director
Jad Elias, Senior Managing Director
Ahmad Sharaf Aldine, Senior Engagement Manager

Navigating societal shifts and technological advances is critical for governments and institutions to remain resilient and competitive. This requires a strategic vision from the public sector to effectively manage change. The World Leaders' Summit 2024 report, "Future Frontiers in Government HR: Navigating the Evolution of Work", examines emerging trends in both the private and public sectors and projects their future impact. It also provides key actions needed to shape the future of human resources and talent globally.

At a glance

The future of work and talent requires a forward-thinking approach that addresses evolving needs and harnesses the power of technology to drive growth. This report explores future trends in government HR, including:

  • Redefining skills: Moving from traditional job roles to a competency-based approach.

  • Cultivating productivity: Integrating AI and digital tools for results-driven performance.

  • Enabling success: Creating dynamic work environments that foster innovation and well-being.

Our role

FTI Delta contributed to the development of this report, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of future government HR trends. Our insights and expertise were instrumental in shaping the report, which incorporates market insights, public sector case studies, and lively discussions from the World Government Summit 2024 roundtable titled “Future of Government HR”. The roundtable included senior public sector representatives from governments around the world as well as private sector representatives from leading organizations, and technical subject matter experts in the fields of human capital development and technology.

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